Explore and Engage!

Floyd Focuser’s Community Gathering Space is HERE!
This is a private website for those who’ve had Level 1 equivalent training in Focusing.
I’ve created this as a place where we can freely connect and engage about our experiences and interests related to Focusing.

Focusing involves a process of relational, in-the-moment, natural awareness skills. Thoughts, emotions, images, physical sensations and gestures or movements are all ways our body uses to communicate with us. From birth to death, our mind-body-brains are actively interacting with what is going on inside of us as well as what is going on around us. The skills involved in Focusing help us experience more from all those interactive moments and from this, greatly expands the richness and flow we experience from life.
If you have not tried Focusing before and are interested in learning more, please visit my personal website at www.SandyJahmi.com.